The history of St. James' Settlement (Elderly Service) can be traced back to September 1967, with the aim to serve the elderly living in the community and organizing activities promoting respect towards elderly. Over these years, elderly service of St. James' Settlement has developed with multi-diversifications.

In the new era, provision of elderly service tends to be more professional, with the emphasis of interdisciplinary knowledge and multi-disciplinary working models to provide an integrated "Continuing Care" service towards our elders. From this perspective, St. James' Settlement has restructured into "Continuing Care" in June 2000, and launch a seamless one-stop elderly care services.


Continuing Care Program of St. James' Settlement provides a coordinated continuum of services including in-home support, community support, residential care and sub-acute care for persons whose ability to function is affected by health related problems. The program also expands its focus from health maintenance to wellness and health promotion for the population we served. Our services are to maximize dignity, choices, and autonomy of clients and families.


We believe in the corporate values of St. James' Settlement. In addition, we hold the following values:

A Commitment to People, Excellent Clinical and Business Practice

  • People

  • We believe the single most important element of our service is our clients, both internal and external. Therefore, we place clients need first, serve them promptly, with respect, trust and dignity, regardless their socio-economic status. We want them to feel that they are special and we care about them.

    Professional and clinical competence, staff creativity and motivation are our major assets. We will strive to create a learning environment conducive to personal and professional development in accordance with their abilities. Staff will understand that changes in response to community needs, and current clinical/business practices are critical to success.

  • Clinical Practice

  • Evidence based practice and application of technology are vital for optimal quality service delivery. We will ensure our clinical practices and technology are appropriate, contemporary, comprehensive and safe. We will develop clinical practice guidelines, protocols, and trial new technology; provide new facilities and launch new services. Our intervention will focus on improving health outcomes that are measurable and subject to independent analysis.

  • Business Practice

  • We will strive to achieve best practice: best quality at best price. Our management will be integrated and streamlined for system efficiency and effectiveness. We will continuously reduce our operation cost and generate revenue for future development. We will provide timely, flexible and adaptable services to our community. We will explore new ideas, research and develop innovative programs. We will create and participate in strategic alliances.