Evergreen Day Care Centre for the Eldery

The centre provides a range of centre-based care and support services during daytime to enable the frail and demented elders. Meet and send off elders by training, attending to and looking after needing with social activity and psychology, in order to offer high their circulation and their degenerative process of the retardance. It is obtained that it is the elder and the most important the happiness old age of one. The centre concerns the arrangement of three aspects, including rehabilitation training, nursing care and social-psychology need, in order to enhance their functioning and slow down the deterioration process. The most important thing is to enable the elders have a happy elder hood.

The centre let elders enjoy group life and keep in touch with the community to reduce the pressure of the family, enable them to look after elders continuously.

Service Target

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  1. People aged 60 or above
  2. Live in the Hong Kong eastern District
  3. Need people assistance in daily life, but still can use walking aids or wheelchair.
  4. No acute disease or infectious disease
  5. No long-term mental disease
  6. No need to lie on bed
  7. Lack of care during daytime
  8. Suitable for group life

Service Content

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1. Meal service
2. Personal hygiene
3. Health care
4. Rehabilitation exercise
5. Social activity
6. Laundry service
7. Escort service
8. Counselling service
9. Carer support service

Service Boundary

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Elders who live in Hong Kong eastern district

Tel.: 3583 3290

Fax.: 3583 2057

Open Hour / Time of Visit

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Mon-Sat: 8a.m.-6p.m.

Application Method

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The applicant can apply in the elderly district community centre, and must accept the assessment of the Standardised Care Need Assessment Welfare Department and Mechanism

According to the scale of Social Welfare Department to have the service charge and transportation expenses