Project Care Neighbourhood Elderly Centre


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We are devoted to provide community support service to elders and hope they are being respected and care, thus, stay in familiar community and enjoy aging.

  • To encourage the elders to make optimum use of their leisure time, to have lifelong learning, develop their potentials and enjoy active aging.
  • To promote healthy life style and holistic developments of the elders, in physical, psychological and social aspects.
  • To provide community support services so as to enhance the quality of the elders' life

Our Services

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  • Counselling and Referral Services
    • Counselling
    • Helping elders and carers to cope with their difficulties encountered
    • Service inquiries and referrals 
  • Outreach Support Services
    • Outreach supports and visits
    • Cases follow-up and referrals
    • Connecting with stakeholders 
  • Social and Recreational Activities
    • Outings
    • Festival celebrations
    • Social gatherings 
  • Educational and Developmental Services
    • Educational programmes
    • Talks, workshops and seminars
    • Interest classes and groups 
  • Drop-in Services
    • Books and newspapers
    • Table games
    • Computers
    • Karaoke
    • Exercise equipments 
  • Health Promotions
    • Exercise groups
    • Brief health assessments
    • Talks and groups 
  • Volunteer Development
    • Volunteer trainings
    • Volunteer groups and services
    • Serving the community 
  • Carer Support Services
    • Books and Videos loan service
    • Supporting services
    • Carer activities
    • Caring skill trainings
    • Counselling
    • Service inquiries and referrals
    • Rehabilitation equipment loan service

Open Hour / Time of Visit

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Mon-Sat: 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Sunday and public holiday: Closed

Service Target

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  • People aged 60 or above, live in Tsuen Wan or nearby area
  • Carers

Become Members

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  • People aged 60 or above and living in Tsuen Wan
  • People holding valid HKID card

Application Method

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  • During office hours, bring along the identity card, a photo, come to our centre in person, pay the member annual fee, the membership will be valid for one year (from April 1 every year to March 31 of next year)
  • People who want to withdraw can send us a letter, come to our office in person or by phone, the member fee will not be returned
  • For those haven't continue the membership within the scheduled period, will be regarded as withdrawn automatically.

Address: Unit 11-16, G/F, Wing Lok House, Fuk Loi Estate, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Tel.: 2412 7844
Fax: 2411 1711
Email: [email protected]


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