Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre

Enhance the quality life of the person with dementia and their carers, arouse people concern of dementia.


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The service centre aims to provide a range of services from day care to home care for local community. It also targets the public by promoting the awareness of dementia as a social disease which could lead to political and economic impacts as the family caregivers are forced to give up their full time jobs in order to look after their ageing family members with dementia. Or, the disease can create financial burden for the family since additional help is required to assist with the caring job at home. Therefore, public awareness to the disease and its consequences by way of holding regular public education is essential for prevention of family crisis in community

The Center has adopted case management model by developing a multidisciplinary approach so as to provide a comprehensive care for different stages of dementia. The range of services includes day care service, home care service, carer support group and tailored made training. The aim of providing a variety of services is to reduce the caregiving burden of the family caregivers, to maintain the social interaction of the clients with outside world and to design appropriate training programme for individual with identified need or problem. Besides, community seminars, exhibitions and volunteer trainings are regularly organized to the public in order to arouse the public awareness to concern the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for people with dementia.

Service Target

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People with dementia or memory problem.

Service Content

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  • Dementia Day Care Centre - The daily activity programme include Reality Orientation, Reminiscence, music therapy, Art therapy, Aromatherapy, Arts and Crafts work, cooking and physical exercises. In addition, regularly outing will be organized by staff. Individual training programme will be developed following the comprehensive assessment. Behavioural management will also be one of the required services. We also provide escort service for people using our dementia day care centre.
  • Home Care Service - Trained workers will provide the different games or activity to the client's home. Home training is also part of the services should the family caregiver require an intervention to enhance the daily living skill at home.
  • Home Assessment and assistance Aids - Occupational therapist will provide home assessment and give appropriate advice on how to help the client with dementia adapts and adjusts according to the identified deficits in familiar environment.
  • Professional inputs - Collaboration with Hong Kong Psychiatry Association is formed to provide monthly psychiatrist visit for medical consultation and assessing the clients with dementia on mental health problems at St James Settlement. An honorary consultant will provide psychosocial assessment or advice on behavioural management at home. Other professional inputs could be given should the family require special helps such as dietetic, physiotherapy or podiatrist.
  • Carer Support Group - A carer training programme will be held for five weekend per year. A weekend camp will be organized yearly to provide an intensive training workshop for the family caregivers and then followed by monthly meeting.
  • Public Health Education - Staff will organize regular public health education to various organization, school or the public at different shopping malls. Pamphlets or leaflets will be distributed to the public after the talk.
  • Carers Newsletter - Updated information, news on training or workshop and resource list will be mailed to the family caregivers, local NGOs and other interested parties.

Service Boundary

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Residents of Hong Kong Island, also accept the applications from other districts

Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre (Western District)
Tel.: 2816 9009
Fax: 2816 9085
Website: 健智網


Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre (Wan Chai)
Tel.: 2596 2506
Fax: 2838 7016
Website: 健智網

Open Hour / Time of Visit

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Office hour of centre: Mon-Fri: 8a.m.-5:30p.m.
Service hour of Dementia Day Centre: Mon-Fri: 10a.m.-3p.m.

Application Method

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If you are interested in using for this service, please call 28169009 for enquiry. Our social workers will visit the applicant to assess the care needs.

The application form

This is a self financing service. Please contact us for the updated service charge.
Service charge for In-home training service and escort service is according to the district area.

*We also provide limited charity quota to people with financial difficulty.