Friendly Home Visiting Volunteer Application Form

Service Application Form of Support Teams for the Elderly
  • Objective :
  • To provide social networking and outreaching services to vulnerable elders by social workers and volunteers of the Support Teams for the Elderly.

  • Criteria :
  • Vulnerable elders aged 60 or above who have genuine need and are willing to receive services, and who may be under one or more of the following circumstances: living alone or lacking family support, lacking social network, suffering from poor health, having financial difficulties, living in unfavorable environment, unable to better use community resources or facing other unfavorable circumstances.

  • Elderly would like to have the following service(s) :

  • (English)
  • The service(s) elderly are receiving :

  • Fee :
  • free of charge
  • yyyy mm dd
  • Male Female

  • (Name) (Contact Phone No.)

    Declaration : I agree that the information contained in this form can be used by the Support Team for the Elderly, related departments and non-governmental organizations for consideration of service provision and related purposes. I am also willing to receive visits paid/use services provided/join activities organized by social workers or volunteers.

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