Jockey Club 'Shining Journey 50+' Women Wellness Programme

Mission and Goal

With the funding support of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, St. James' Settlement, together with five other non-govrnment organizations, is promoting the 3-year project 'Jockey Club "Shining Journey 50+" Women Wellness Programme' in the community. The programe is the first project in Hong Kong based on ICOPE of World Health Organization and is designed for women aged between 50-64.


The 3-year project is managed by a multi-disciplinary team and aims at enhancing the intrinsic capacity of middle-aged women by conducting a variety of activities including public talks and theme-based workshops. It is expected that the participants can be equipped with more knowledge to help establish a healthy lifestyle and prepare to start a shining journey.


Service Target

This project is designed for women who aged 50-64


Service Content

  1. Women's Health Talks and Screenings
    • The health talks conducted by profressional staffs share more knowledge on understanding the progress of entering old-age from middle-age. Besides, the screenings conducted allow the participants to have a preliminary understanding on their conditions and increase the awareness of their own health.


2. Women's Experiental Workshops

    • One-off theme-based workshops are provided for the participants to gain more knowledge on women wellness and training experience. The interested persons should have participated in health talks and conducted the screening before.


3. 24-session Interventiion Programme

    • The eligible participants are offered with 24 sessions of training programmes on both physical exercise and intrinsic capacity. The interested persons must have participated in health talks and screened as suitable before joining this programme.


Service Boundary

"Jockey Club 'Shining Journey 50+' Women Wellness Programme" is being implemented in collaboration with 6 others non-government organizations in Hong Kong. Every single organization is responsible for handling a specified district. St. James' Settlement is responsible for handling the Hong Kong Island.


How to Apply?

Applicant can apply the programme through calling 2566 5392 or chat with us by 5606 3567 through Whatsapp Messenger


Service Charges

The project is free of charged for qualified applicant.

Contact Info