Retired Persons Association


Just-retired persons face a lot of difficulties in adapting the new living after retirement. Most of them have inadequate social involvement, may affect the quality of psychological and physical health. With the best use of the valuable experience and their potentials of the retirees, retirees can have the opportunities to continue their contribution towards the society and helping others. In year 1979 Feb, few retirees were organized by St. James' Settlement to form the Retired Persons Association. For years, St. James' Settlement supports the activity venues and facilities for the Association and lead the Association to develop, grow and participate in social affairs.



To help the retired person to adapt the changes after retirement, expand social circle, with sincerity, and mutual love spirit to participate in social affairs, organize social and recreational activities, and contribute towards the society, actively participate in volunteer work, so as to achieve the aim of help other to help themselves and have a non-retired living.


Service Target

Aged from 50 to 68, who agree with the aims of the Association and willing to participate in its affairs and voluntary work actively are welcomed.


Service Content

Consultancy service

  • Pre-retirement psychological preparation
  • Inter-personal relationship
  • Start your second career
  • Time management
  • Health maintenance


Service Boundary

Hong Kong


Application Method

  1. Firstly, interview by Consultant of the Association.
  2. Fill in the application form
  3. Applicant will be interview by the Consultant and the representative of the Executive Committee, applicants will become as an official member under approval.
  4. A candidate member will be invited to start joining the regular meeting and activities of the Association. He / she is required to attend not less than 8 times within 3 months time, and should be actively in voluntary work of the Association.
  5. With the approval of the Executive Committee, the candidate member become an official member and has to hand in 2 photos (2.5 inch /each) with annual fees and group activities fees. If a member joins in the Association after the 3rd Quarter of the year, annual fees and group activities being handed in are the advance payment for the coming year. Official member is will be issued a membership card also.





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