Jockey Club age at home Gerontech Education and Rental Service


Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Jockey Club “age at home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service is a pilot scheme aiming to enhance the understanding on gerontechnology and its applications, in order to build up the capability and confidence of “ageing in place” among older persons and their carers. The scheme covers three categories of services, which includes education service, rental services together with cleaning and maintenance service. 


Service Target 

Rental Service users, elderly individuals, and the general public


Service Content

The education service is committed to increasing the awareness of gerontechnology in Hong Kong. Through hands-on experience, it allows the elderly and visitors to choose suitable equipment based on their needs and living environment. The rental services will provide a professional assessment based on the elders' physical state and living environment, recommend appropriate gerontech equipment, offer on-site assembly and operation instructions, and provide regular case follow-up. 


The Gerontech Cleaning and Maintenance Service Centre which is located in Fo Tan, is managed by St. James’ Settlement. The centre is a centralised hardware care centre for gerontech equipment, ensuring optimal hygiene and safety of each and every piece of equipment. The centre took reference from Japan and imported 10 types of facilities and machines for ensuring every rental equipment is under the whole process of cleaning, disinfection, quality check, maintenance, re-packaging. As well as the centralised storage and logistical arrangement, regular inspection and aftercare where the service entails.The centre is not only responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of rental services, but also provides services for both elderly individuals and the general public. Furthermore, the centre employs and trains disabled individuals, offering on-the-job gerontech cleaning and maintenance skills training to allow them to broaden their horizons and unleash their potential. 


Service Boundary

18 districts of Hong Kong 


How to apply

Tel:3892 7000 | WhatsApp: 6125 6559 | Email:[email protected] 


Service Charge

Depends on the equipment ($65-$260/pc)


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