Jockey Club “Brain Health” Dementia Screening and Community Support Project

Service Objectives

  • To promote “early detection, early diagnosis, and early intervention,” and adopt a family intervention and empowerment approach
  • To provide timely intervention for individuals diagnosed with dementia, seizing the golden opportunity for treatment and training
  • To offer comprehensive support to caregivers, aiming to reduce the stress and overall impact on the entire family


Project Service Targets

  • Individuals aged 60 or above, living in the community and suspected of experiencing mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia, and their caregivers
  • To ensure effective assessment and subsequent service provision (if applicable), participants must be able to communicate in Cantonese and should not have severe hearing or visual impairments


Project Arrangement

  • Provide electronic cognitive screening
  • Offer diagnostic services, along with up to 18 months of medical consultation, subsidies on medications, and follow-up services for eligible participants*
  • Provide early diagnosis and support, including health check, for individuals who are suspected of cognitive impairment, while they are awaiting specialist consultations
  • Deliver timely post-diagnostic support services to individuals diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia within a one-year timeframe
  • Provide counselling service and bridging community resources for caregivers


Service Flow

  1. Conduct Electronic Cognitive Screen
  2. Schedule Cognitive and Functional Assessment 
    • Based on the preliminary results and individual needs, we will contact additional cognitive and functional assessment for individuals who are identified as '' requiring follow-up''
  3. Medical Services Follow-up
    • Eligible participants will receive follow-up medical services, which may include medical consultations, health checks, brain scans, medication support, etc.
  4. Follow-up Support
    • For participants being identified as have mild congitive impairment or mild dementia in this programme, and their caregivers


Service Boundary

Central and Western District; Wan Chai District 


Project period

December 2023 till November 2026



Please come to our office in person or call us during office hours by 2816 9020 or Whatsapp 4664 9799

Or Apply through online

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