James' Café (Catering Service)


To offer good value and high-quality nutritional meal services with popular price to people with different needs among the community.



To provide high-quality, appropriate and professional meal services to clients from local recognized dietitians.



To provide balanced and healthy meal to the elders, members, students and the community through different means to promote healthy eating and lifestyle in the community.


Target Groups 



Scope of Services

Healthy Lunch service - provide customers with a variety of health, MSG-free, taste lunch on weekdays:

    • Two-dish mealboxes
    • Chef Recommendation
    • Chinese-style fried rice noodles
    • Western-style baked rice / pasta
    • Seasonal soup / dessert
    • Chinese New Year's foods, such as rice cake, turnip cake, water chestnut cake, etc.

Meal delivery services

  • Menus provided will be reviewed by dietitians.
  • Provide meal service to schools, private companies, organizations and residential care homes.
  • Provide a variety of nutrition therapy meal (special diet / therapeutic diet), including


Function Catering
Starting from 1/7/2019, James' Cafe's function catering will provide the following benefits:

  1. 10% discount for NGOs for ordering $2,000 or above (set menu not included).
  2. Free soft drink – Get 1 free bottle of 1.25L “Coca-cola” for ordering $1,000 or above.
  3. Free delivery – Get 1 free delivery upon net ordering for specific amount.

Foods including:


Service Boundary

Not Specified


Opening Hours 

Healthy Lunch service   : Mon. - Fri. (11:45 - 2:00p.m, except public holidays)

Meal delivery services   : Mon. – Sat. (except public holidays)

Function Catering        : Mon. – Sat. (Special arrangements can be made for order on Sunday or public holidays)


Service Enquiry

Community can have take-away lunch within lunch service hour.

For catering services, please contact us at 2831 3254 / 2831 3237.



Lunch  : Starts from $34/unit;

Others : enquiry and quotation is welcomed.
Function Catering



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