True Light Home for the Aged


True Light Home for the Aged is a self-financed, non-profit-making Care & Attention Home operated by St. James' Settlement. We provide comprehensive residential nursing care to older adults with frailty. The elderly can enjoy a quality life in a respectful and relaxed environment.



To provide home-like professional healthcare for weak or disabled elders who require tender care and are financially able.



To improve the elders’ quality of life, to support family needs, and to relieve the care burden of family members.


Target Group

55 years old or above, with no contagious disease, be willing and able to adapt to live in the Home's setting.


Our Services

We provide professional nursing care, rehabilitation care, dementia care, recreational activities and counselling, and respite services.

Geographical Coverage

Hong Kong


Open Hour / Time of Visit

Visiting Hours: Mon-Sun 8:00am to 9:00pm
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm


Application Method

Interested parties should submit a completed application form. An assessment would be conducted prior to residential arrangements.

Download Application Form

Online Form


Residential Fee

Residential Fee (From 01 Aug 2023)
Class Of Rooms / Level Of Care Care & Attention Homes Care Level Nursing Home Care Level
5 Persons Dormitory $26,780 $37,460
5 Persons Dormitory(more spacious) $27,740 $38,550
4 Persons Dormitory $28,210 $39,140
3 Persons Dormitory $28,820 $39,630
4 Persons Suite $33,680 $45,570
Single Room $36,570 $47,630
Twin Suite $37,770 $48,690
Cozy Single Suite $53,200 $65,200
Luxury Single Suite $69,240 $82,530



  1. The above captioned residential fees have included accommodation, bedding, regular meals, personal care, nursing care and basic rehabilitation services.
  2. Regular health assessment is made by nursing staff to ensure that each elderly would receive appropriate nursing care and that whether adjustment of residential fee is necessary.
  3. The application form and the Physical Examination Form should be submitted before admission. (The Physical Examination Form should be written by Medical Officer)
  4. Resident should admit the Home within 7 days once confirmed the accommodation offer. Otherwise, accommodation would be transferred to other in needs.
  5. HKD$1,200 assessment fee will be refundable after admission to True Light Home for the Aged.
  6. HKD$1,500 extra administration fee will be charged for short stay residential care.


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