Scenic Resort (Nursing Home)


St. James' Settlement is a pioneer who serves the elders, and their families, with diversified and high quality service. As Scenic Resort is one of the service units under St. James' Settlement, we are in line with spirit of good service, offering continuing professional care to the elders who need love and having difficulty in daily life. The elders enjoy meaningful and high quality of life in our respectful and comfortable environment, thus releasing the stress of the families.


Our Vision:

    1. 24-hour holistic personal care services;
    2. Leisurely and enjoyable life for our residents;
    3. Continuous support for the family to take care of their elders.
    4. The spacious rehabilitation area and various types of sports facilities cater to meet different needs. As well as providing high quality of care for the elderly.


Service Target

Government Subvented Residential Places:

Residential care services for elders aged 65 or above who, for personal, social, health and/or other reasons, cannot adequately be taken care at home. Persons aged between 60 and 64 may apply if there is a proven need.


Self-financed Residential Places:

All applicants have to go through the Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services to establish their eligibility for the service and the care level required.



Service Content

Nursing and daily care:
Professional nurses provide the regular basic medical and personal nursing care for the residents.
Dispenser is responsible for dispensing management to ensure medicines are correctly prepared for the residents.
The personal care workers provide personal care services to the elders including bathing, dressing, toileting, meal serving etc.

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Our professional dietitian designs the menu in accordance with nutritional principles and oversees the serving of meals ( breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea) every day.

The menu arrangement focuses on meeting the individual needs of each resident, and special meals (regular / soft / paste meals) are offered in accordance with the elders' ingesting ability.

At the same time, we pay attention to the environment, the taste, smell and color of the food and the choice of menu so as to balance the elders' health and quality of life.


Social and recreational activities:

  1. Orientation activities: Facilitating the new residents to can adapt to the residential life faster.
  2. Leisure Lifestyle: Conducting different kinds of recreational activities, interest groups, birthday parties and festival celebration activities for the residents.
  3. Recreational activities or games will be carrying out  with individual elderly according to different needs.本頁圖片/檔案 - 643527a3b7746[1]
  4. Music or movie will be played for individual elderly with mobility in order to meet a different needs.
  5. Application of Gerontechnolgy.
  6. The intelligent robot is transformed into a small buddy to accompany the elderly, and it can also be used for video, music/movie entertainment  and online game training, etc.
  7. Afternoon tea at their own expense with various themes which allows the elderly to enjoy past favorite refreshments such as chinese dim sum, Western-style afternoon tea, Shanghai cuisine, etc.
  8. Outdoor and community activities: Encouraging the residents to keep in touch with the community.
  9. Regular family activities: Bridging and enforcing the cohesiveness between residents and their family members.
  10. Life education: Encouraging residents, their family members and staff to face the life and death issue in a positive perspective.
  11. Dementia groups: Conducting multi-sensory programs for demented residents to link up their inner world with our community.


Medical treatment:

Our doctor visits Scenic Resort 4 sessions per week. Besides, the doctors from Ruttonjee Hospital Community Geriatric Assessment Team provides monthly consultation to the residents in need.

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1. Professional occupational therapists and physiotherapists keep on providing our elders with the Activity of Daily Life assessment

2. suggestions on using and purchasing the rehabilitation aids

3. specific rehabilitation exercise arrangement for each resident.


Service Boundary

Hong Kong


Open Hour / Time of visit

8am - 8pm every day

(*Subject to change due to special circumstances)


Application method

Government Subvented Residential Places: To be referred by the Social Welfare Department.

Self-financed Residential Places: May apply through the methods below

contact our office directly for the application form

Download the application form

Apply via online application form



Effective Date


Since 1st April, 2023


Government Subvented Residential Places :

HK$2060 per month


Self-financed Residential Places:

According to the type of Residential Place and Care Level


Intermediate Care Level
( Care and Attention Home )

Intensive Care Level
( Nursing Home )

2 people's room

$26,290 - $29,750

$31,975 - $34,325

4 people's room



5 people's room



Respite Services

$779 per day



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