Supporting elderly carers, “656carer.com" is a user-friendly resource support platform to cater the needs of elderly people and their carers, enhancing their wellbeing along their ageing and caring journeys respectively. 



656carer.com" is dedicated to being a guiding star of carers by 

  • Providing simple, comprehensive and practical information on carers and elderly care support (including home care, community based care and residence home services) ; 
  • Providing round-the-clock online support to alleviate carers’ frustrations and anxieties in a time responsive manner ; 
  • Providing quicker response to enquiries and questions raised by carers to shorten the time required in identifying caring solutions; and, 
  • Providing holistic advice on overall caring journey of the elderly to enable considerations of critical wellness factors 


Service Target 

All carers and their elderly members, especially younger and working carers 


Service Content 

Initiated by a Chinese idiom “to honour the aged of the others as we honour our own”, the interactive platform capitalises on digital technology and collect information about care services for the elderly across Hong Kong, so as to guide carers to the suitable support service and practical knowledge. The functions include, 

  1. A resources map of 18 districts in Hong Kong covering over 2,000 service points for both elderly carers and elderly; 
  2. A WhatsApp carer line that support one-on-one live chat and round-the-clock Chatbot to assist carers in their solving problems quickly; and 
  3. An easy to read website covering both carers-oriented and elderly-oriented sections 


Service Boundary 

Territory wide 



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