Training Scheme for Foreign Domestic Helpers in Elderly Care


  • To equip Foreign domestic helpers (FDHs) with basic knowledge and skills for providing care for frail elderly persons;
  • To train FDHs to support elderly persons in adopting healthy lifestyles and reducing their health risk factors; and
  • To enhance elderly persons’ quality of life in the community through better support from their employed FDHs who are equipped with elderly caregiving skills.


Service Target

Hired FDHs who are / will be taking care of frail elderly persons


Service boundaries

Hong Kong (Application from HK island would be first considered)



Tel: 2596 2738

St.James’ Settlement Wan Chai District Elderly Community Centre

Address: 1/F, St. James' Settlement Community Centre Services Building, 85 Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



For enquiries, please call 2835 4324 (Wan Chai)
                                         2805 1250 (Central & Western)


Service fees



Service Leaflet

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