No Worry Link Service


The service proactively ensure the safety of deprived elderly people or patients with chronic Illnesses by scheduled daily telephone contacts, and hence avoiding unnoticed home-death. Care and concerns are also conveyed to the them in order to reduce their loneliness and to lead them with a worries-free life. 


Target Group

  • Aged 60 or above 
  • Patients with Terminal Illnesses 



  1. Advanced and Simple Comunicaion System 
    With the advanced interactive voice response system, calls are generated automatically and regularly at the time selected by the service users. The users can report safety to us with simple operations daily. 

2. Active Life Tracing 
In the cases of no response, an emergency mechanism would be launched to confirm whether the user is in good condition or help is needed. 

3. Love and Care 
The service also includes timely greetings from volunteers to service users, regular social gathering in different district, and visits are paid to the users during their birthdays and time of festival. 

4. Convenient Installation Procedure 
Additional installation of hardwares is not required. The users with either telephones or mobile can join the service. The operation is simple as they can report safety by following the instructions of the recordings. 


Application procedures

Referral by social workers 

No Worry Link Service Application Form


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