Elderly Integrated Home Safety Projects


Aims to provide ‘’People Oriented’’ and “One-stop” home safety services to single elders or elders living with spouse, who do not receive adequate caring support from their family.  Our services provide 

  • Home modification and maintenance services,
  • Delivery of electric appliances and warm keeping items
  • Home haircut service
  • Home-based health support services.


Service Target

Referrals should be made by registered social workers via social institutions in any district.

  • Aged 60 or above; AND
  • Financially deprived (assessed by social worker); AND
  • Single household or living with spouse; AND
  • Lack of support from family members; AND
  • Living in any district in Hong Kong


Service Content

1. Elderly Home Maintenance Service

Our service aims to eliminate home safety hazards and provide “tailor-made” home

modification and maintenance services based on elders’ individual needs.    


2. Electrical Appliances for the Elderly Programme   

Our services provided one-stop “Electric Appliances Safety Screening” and “Electric Appliances delivery with installation” so as to improve their quality of life by building a safe home environment.  


3. Warmth Giving Project (Winter only)  

Aims to provide warm keeping items for elders under cold weather which at the same time, deliver care and concern from the community directly to elders’ home.  


4. Home Haircut Service

Aims to facilitate our service users with chronic illness and limited mobility living with dignity.  We invited volunteers to provide haircut service directly at their own homes so they do not need to worry about any difficulties of traveling out.  Our service emphasized on “care & concern” and helped to establish a “brand new image” so that our users could live with clean and healthy appearance which at the same time, to relief stress and anxiety of their major carer. 


5.Home Based Health Support Services

Elders living alone received inadequate family support and showed weak awareness in the aspect of self-health management.    They might have unhealthy eating habits (eating oily and salty food), poor adherence to medication, lack of regular physical exercises etc. which led to health deterioration and self-care ability eventually.


Service boundaries

All districts in Hong Kong


Application Method 

Referrals should be made by social workers/medical officers via social institutions.  Individual application will NOT considered. 

Download "Elderly Integrated Home Safety Project" application form

Download "Home Haircut Service" application form




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