Angel Sitter


In response to the needs of the community for home-based services, the " Angel Sitter " home-based care service has been developed since 2006. It provides suitable home-based services for the community. Most of the elders are eager to stay at home. When an older person’s condition deteriorated, these elders or caregivers will encounter various problems in daily life and need to seek assistance. Therefore, the home-based care service of "Angel Sitter" is short-term or long-term, which can match their needs. The aim is to provide better care to them and they enjoy happy and quality home-based care life.



To provide comprehensive self-financed home-based care services for the elderly, so that the elderly can choose to continue to stay in the home and community environment according to their own wishes.



Through home-based care service, services users can achieve below:

To solve and assist the needs of the elderly in personal care

To reduce the caregiver stress and achieve the goal of family harmony

To provides manpower support services in day centers or residential care homes for the elderly



Targeted group

  1. Aged at 55 or above
  2. The elderly who are physically weak and in need of care in daily life
  3. No acute illnesses or infectious diseases
  4. No any act of violence


Scope of Services and Fee

Cognitive training and Rehabilitation exercises :

  • Qualified as a health worker or Personal Care Worker certification or equivalent certification
  • Cognitive training and rehabilitation exercises


Accompany Care :

  • Personal Care Worker certification or equivalent certification
  • Accompany follow-up visits
  • Accompanied on outings/shopping


 Service charges will vary according to the type of service and usage volume. Should you need to know the details of the price list, please contact us for inquire.

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