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E Home Plus understands that most of the elderly desire to stay at their own home to enjoy their living at their late stage. However, when their health conditions or abilities deteriorate, the elderly and their carers inevitably experience difficulties and thus need assistance. To offer good care to the elderly and let them enjoy a pleasant as well as good quality of life, E Home plus tries to provide day care centre, all round in-home services and tailor-made individual care plan to the elderly in need.



E Home Plus aims to let the elderly stay at the places they are most familiar with, either their home or communities, by providing a thorough self-finance aging in place service to them.



By utilizing the resources of the day care centre’s respite places, the professional team of E Home Plus provides tailor-made training plans to the elderly. They could enjoy a comfortable and well-equipped environment through social leisure activities and interest groups which could let them reach the targets of improving the health condition and reducing the rate of deterioration in the long run. In-home service can cope with the need of the elderly’s daily life and alleviate the stress of their carers which help yield the family harmony.


Targeted group

  1. Aged at 55 or above
  2. Day Care Centre: mainly for those who live on the Eastern District on the Hong Kong Island.
  3. In-home service: provided in Kowloon and on the Hong Kong Island.
  4. The elderly who are physically weak and in need of care in daily life
  5. No acute illnesses or infectious diseases
  6. No long-term symptoms of mental illnesses
  7. Non-bedridden
  8. Suitable to group activities
  9. No violent behaviors


Services provided

E Home Plus provides both day care centre and in home services which offer the thorough care to the elderly chosen to ageing in place.


Day care centre service

  1. Professional nurses monitor the health conditions and instruct the elderly for the medication.
  2. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists assess and designate the rehabilitation treatment and training to the elderly.
  3. Nutritionists designate menu to the elderly.
  4. Registered social workers initiate interest groups and training to improve the elderly’s social skills.
  5. Psycho-support is provided to the elderly’s family.
  6. Transportation service is provided to escort the elderly to and fro the centre and their home.
  7. Distinctive activities are held on a regular basis, including musical therapy, picnic, etc.

We also offer other complimentary services, including rent and sale of rehabilitation necessaries, dental examination, etc. You may contact our service planners at 81000659 for enquiries.


Service areas

  1. Day care centre: mainly for those who live in the Eastern District of the Hong Kong Island


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