Joyful Community Care / Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service (Wan Chai)

Mission and Goal

Our service is mainly divided into two service units, with operating different operatioin mode to provide a designated Individual Care Plan for the elderly persons in order to faciliate the aging in place with quality.


  1. Joyful Community Care
    • Mainly serving District(s) of Centre-based and Home-based Community Care Service


2. Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service (Wan Chai)

    • Mainly serving District(s) of Centre-based Commuity Care Service


They day care centre aims at providing a comfortable and well-equipped environment for respite. A variety of activities and programmes will be designed by the multi-disciplinary team in response to the needs of the service users in order to alleviate the cognitive, physical and psychological frailty. Besides, the in-home services provide assistance to the caregivers and facilitate a harmonic environment in the family.


Service Target

Elder who has dementia


Service Content

  1. Day Activity Centre
    • Provide day care services to reduce the care burden of caregibers
    • Hold a variety of activities including the reality orientation, reminiscene therapy and cognitive training in response to the needs of service users
    • Organize outdoor activities to envourage the service users and caregivers to maintain social life

2. In-home service (Available in Joyful Community Care only)

    • In-home training will be provided by our staffs
    • Training includes reminiscene therapy, home orientation, enhancement on the ability of individual, care. physical training and cognitive training.

3. Carer Support Service

    • Organize talks and groups for the caregivers to learn about the caring skills
    • Build up the peer support network to relief the care stress
    • Allow the service users and caregivers to participate different activities simultaneously in order that the caregivers can be more relaxed in enjoying the groups


Opening Hour

  1. Office Hour
    • Monday to Friday at 8 am to 6 pm

2. Opening hour of Elderly Day Care Centre

    • Monday to Friday at 8 am to 6 pm

3. Opening Hour of In-home Service

    • Monday to Friday at 8 am to 6 pm
    • Excluding Sunday and Public Holiday


How to Apply?

  • Application must be in writing to the centre
  • Only the voucher certificate holders can apply the services
  • Home visit will be conducted by social worker to assess the service needs
  • The elderly persons applying the services must be diagnosed with dementia by the medicial practitioner


Service Charges

The service are purchased in according to the co-payment category determined by the Social Welfare Department. The service users can choose the most suitable voucher package based on their needs. Otherwise, the voucher values will be adjusted annually mainly based on the Composite Price Index.


According to the third phase of the "Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly", the ceiling and floor monthly voucher vales are $10260 and $4284 respectively.


Service Leaflet

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