Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre (Wan Chai / Sai Wan)

St James' Settlement has always been committed to promoting services for people with dementia, providing professional training, care, family suport, and community education. In 1999, Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre (Western District) was established as the first service centre in the Hong Kong Island area to provide professional services for cognitive impairment, operating on a self-finance basis. With the aging population and increasing service demand, the Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre (Wan Chai) was established in January 2014, providing one-stop comprehensive assessment services, care services, diversified activities, therapeutic training, and psychological counselling services in synchronization with Kin Chi Dementia Care Support Service Centre (Western District).


Service Objectives

  • Case management mode
  • Provide one-stop comprehensive assessment service so that people with dementia and their caregivers can receive integrated service support
  • Early detection and intervention


Target Service Users

People with dementia and their families


Service Content

  1. Comprehensive Assessment Service
    • A series of social and mental health assessments provided by professionals, including cognitive function, psychological and social skills, daily self-care ability, emotional and behavioral assessments, etc.


2. Day Care Centre Training Service

    • Provides day care services for patients to reduce the caregiving pressure on their families
    • Organize various training activities, such as reminiscence groups, art therapy activities, sports groups, sensory training, memory training, and interest groups


3. Caregiver Support Service

    • Through lectures or caregiving coursesm, caregivers can learn about knowledge of dementia, caregiving skills, and help them relieve stress


4. Supportive Conselling / Behavioral and Phychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) Management Centre

    • Provides psychological conselling for patients who need it to help reduce the emotiional and behavioral problems caused by illness
    • Provides emotional support and conselling for caregivers to deal with the emotional and behavioral problems of patients
    • Develop long-term care plans for patients together with their families


5. Community Education Activities

    • Volunteer training and services
    • Communityt lectures and exhibitions
    • Professional staff training and lectures


Service Area

Primarily for residents in the Hong Kong Island area, but applicants from other area are also accepted


Service Hours

Centre Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm


How to Apply?

If you are interested in appying for this service, please call us for any inquiries. Our social workers will arrange meetings or home visits with applicants to access their needs


Service Charges

This is a self-finance service. Please contact us for any information with person-in-charged.


Service Leaflet

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