Everwise Day Centre Centre for the Elderly

Mission and Goal

To allow the needed elders to be cared properly, having opportunities to interact with others and maintain social life.


Meanwhile, relieving carers stress to support caregivers to take care of the elderly in long term so the elderly could enjoy their twilight years happily in their familiar community.


Service Targets

  1. Aged 60 or above
  2. Lives in Tuen Mum
  3. Lack of care during daytime
  4. No acute disease or infectious disease
  5. Suitable for group life
  6. Through requiring assistant in daily life, can still walk with walking aids or tolerate sitting in wheelchair who is not bedbound.


Servcie Content

  1. Meal service
  2. Personal hygiene care 
  3. Health care
  4. Rehabiliation exercise
  5. Cognitive training
  6. Speech Therapy
  7. Transportation Service
  8. Carer Support Service
  9. Day Respite Service


Service Boundary

Elder who lives in Tuen Mum District


Opening Hour

Monday to Saturday at 8am to 6pm

(Excluding Public Holiday)


How to Apply?

The applicant can apply via the

    • Integrated Family Service Centres / Integrated Service Centres
    • Medicial Service Units
    • District Elderly Community Centres / Neightbourhood Elderly Centres

and must accpet the assessment of the "Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Service" followed by the "Social Welfare Department".


Service Charges

Service charge and transportation fee will be charged and are set according to the scale of Social Welfare Department.



Service Leaflet



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