EverDelight Day Care Centre for the Elderly (Eastern & Wan Chai)

Wanchai Day Care Centre for the elderly is rectified its name to EverDelight Day Care Centre for the Elderly (Eastern & Wanchai) since 26 Oct, 2015. Having received the subsidies from the Social Welfare Department, our service area has been expanded to Eastern District and the subsidized service quotas have been increased as well. 3 Houses are operated for clients with different Bio-phycho Social needs so as to deliver suitable services to them.


  1. House of Wisdom
    • Mainly serve the dementia elders with coginitive assessment and training
      • Quota: 30 people

2. House of Humanity

    • Mainly serve the frail elders with both cognitive and physical impairment
      • Quota: 48 people

3. House of Courage

    • Mainly serve the elders with rehabilitative needs
      • Quota: 45 people


Goal and Mission

The centre provides a range of centre-based care and support services to the frail and demented elders during daytime. We also offer short term and temporary day care services to reduce the stress of carers.


The centre aims to let elders enjoy engagement in group and stay in connect with the community to reduce the pressure of the carers and thus enable them to look after the elders in the long run.


Service Target

  1. Elder who aged 60 or above
  2. Lives in the Eastern & Wan Chai District
  3. Elder who need personal assistance in daily life, but still can maintain mobility by walking aids or wheelchair
  4. No acute diseases or infectious diseases
  5. No long-term mental illnesses
  6. Non-bedridden
  7. Lack of care support during the daytime
  8. Suitable for engagement in group


Service Content

  1. Meal service
  2. Personal hygiene
  3. Health care
  4. Rehabilitation exercises
  5. Social activities
  6. Cognitive training
  7. Transportation service 
  8. Counselling service
  9. Carer support services


Service Boundary

Elder who lives in Eastern and Wan Chai District


Opening Hour

Monday to Saturday at 8 am to 6 pm

(Excluding the Sunday and the Public Holiday)


How to Apply?

  1. General Application

The applicant can apply via the selected centres or units and must undergo the assessment of the "Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services" followed by Social Welfare Department

    • Integrated Family Service Centres / Integrated Service Centres
    • Medical Service Units
    • District Elderly Community Centres / Neighourhood Elderly Centres


2. Respite Application

Respite service users do not need to apply through the assessment of the "Standardlised Care Need Assessent Mechanism for the Elderly Service" followed by Social Welfare Department. 


Elder or other caregivers can directly inquire and apply the despite service to the centre.


Service Charges

Service charges and transportation expenses are aligned with the scale of Social Welfare Department


Service Leaflet

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