Jockey Club age at home Assistive Equipment Cleaning Service - Free Shipping

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The Gerontech Cleaning and Maintenance Service Centre which is located in Fo Tan, is managed by St. James’ Settlement. The centre is a centralised hardware care centre for gerontech equipment, ensuring optimal hygiene and safety of each and every piece of equipment. The centre took reference from Japan and imported 10 types of facilities and machines for ensuring every rental equipment is under the whole process of cleaning, disinfection, quality check, maintenance, re-packaging. 


Service Target

NGO, the elderly and the general public


Service Offer

Starting from today until 31st August 2024, we are offering free round-trip shipping, with no minimum order requirement.

*The delivery schedule and routes must adhere to the center's regular requirements.

*The offer is only applicable to non-Jockey Club age at home rental service users


How to apply

Tel:3892 7000 | WhatsApp: 6125 6559 | Email:[email protected] 

CMSC_Assistive Cleaning and Disinfection Service